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assignment 8 video

Assignment 8 due 11/2 — HANK.EHRENFRIED @ 3:37 pm





Movie on 2011-11-02 at 11.32

so that’s the video of the face in action with all three sensors doing what they’re supposed to do.




Arduino->Processing code

Assignment 8 due 11/2 — EricSinger @ 2:20 pm

New code here

Assignment 08

Assignment 8 due 11/2 — AeonX @ 11:18 am

3 sensors controlling elements in Processing… Video here.

Assignment 8 due 11/2

Assignment 8 due 11/2 — EricSinger @ 5:34 pm

Get the new code from here. This is code that reliably sends data from the Arduino to Processing without getting “lost” like yesterday’s code. Use and modify it for now. I’ll explain in detail on Monday.

On to the assignment…

– Start with above code.
– Create an *artistic* *interactive* work. It should be more creative than a 1 to 1 mapping of sensors to simple actions. The actions of the sensors should be obvious and immediate, yet more than a simple “circle gets bigger and smaller.”
– It should be dynamic. It should either be animated or use mathematics (simple, or complex if you want) to generate something based on sensor input or be dynamic or evolving in any other way you can think of. The gist is that it should be more than a static picture that just maps three sensors to three simple elements.
– Some examples:
You could control speed or trajectory of elements in your animation.
You could use simple formulas to generate complex shapes based on sensor inputs, like adding points to a polygon as a sensor increases.
You could use transforms (scale, translate, rotate)
You could use a counter that increases only when a sensor increases, but not when it decreases, so some element continues to “increase” (get bigger, faster, stronger) over time.
You could look at what others are doing out there (see Open Processing), borrow code elements that do things you like and make them work in a new context. Credit please!

Looking Outward:
– Do a “Looking Outward” on three Arduino or Arduino/Processing projects you like.

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