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Crimson Bead Sequencer Update 3

Henry's Project,Uncategorized — HENRY.ARMERO @ 3:39 pm

Hello everyone. This is a SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM ME, Henry. Or something something. Anyway let’s do this.

Last time I posted stuff I just had my sliders put together, which was quaint. But now I have done something EVEN MORE FABULOUS. I have madeeeeee A BOX. Out of cardboard! I love ittt

Ope. Who dat.

It’s Jolyn! Hi Jolyn. You look like you really want to be in this photo. C:

Anyway so yup I’ve got the sliders goin on and the but-tins all pachunked in. A-hawww it’s so cute. <3

And wait let me show you the insides! I soldered ALL THE STUFF.

OMG wires~~~ so many. What a mess. There are some that even change color along their length because the were too short so I soldered two together. And there is no color coding of anything because I was much too lazy to consider that until too late. Bawawawaww.

Wait but my favorite part is my little ‘integrated circuit’ I made. haha

It’s like a piece of cardboard folded into a box with resistors chunked through it and wired together inside and it is the worst but it works so it is the best.

Anyway so yup, my buttons and my sliders work! So next thing is midi stuff. C: I’ll probably make a little test program first, actually. But yes, yay. Yaaaaay

Crimson Bead Sequencer Update 2

Henry's Project — HENRY.ARMERO @ 3:58 pm

I still can’t take the title of this seriously. How did I ever decide it was a good project name? But I chose it, gotta stick with it.
Anyway it’s been a bit. And there have been many adventures!!! First, I tried soldering up a multiplexer with my slider to see if it would work. You know just to test. And LO AND BEHOLD, it didn’t. I tested that thing for like a class or two and then cut it off. Here it is:


Hate that thing. >:C Or not as much any more, because it turns out that I think the slider I was using was bad. Or the soldering to it was. Anyway it didn’t work and I ended up realizing I didn’t need a multiplexer anyhow. So I soldered all the sliders to the midi thing and chunked it onto the arduino and yaaaay.

Slideysss. Yaaay. So I am going to do stuff with that. I will probably make a little box to put everything in first. A home, if you will. We’ll see if I have time. busy busy week.

In other news, did you hear about Daylight Savings Time? It changed! On Sunday. And for the occasion there was a zero-hour game jam thing, in which people made video games between 2 AM and 2 AM, which I think is pretty clever/witty. Anyway I did a thing for that, just for fun.


It is a masterpiece. Such a masterpiece. Make sure your volume is mega high, of course (noo).

Anyway yup. Next I think I am going to put some buttons on this thingg. Or wait until I have a box so it doesn’t become just a huge mess of stuff and stuff. That’d be awful.



Crimson Bead Sequencer Update 1

Henry's Project — HENRY.ARMERO @ 2:03 pm


Okay, so I’m making an arduino sequencer that works with MIDI. That means that it’s a little arduino widget that will send out a series of notes to some MIDI compatible device that’s attached, in my case, this MicroKORG. It’s a little synth guy and we are friends.

So yeah, how the first thing is going to work is there’s going to be a bunch of sliders that control pitches, and it’ll kind of cycle through them. But my sliders I ordered don’t really have wire connection yet! Because I have no wire. :I They just have nubbly little connectors. So I think I will make a little MIDI Input/Output program today so as to see how that works, the whole input thing especially. Oh oh oh and. I soldered the Sparkfun MIDI breakout all together yesterday outside in a sketchy corner of Stever at like 11 PM. It works though. Lookit:

Why do Macs flip images? It’s so stupid. Anyway. Look at those MIDI connectors. Dope. Let’s make some things.

Oh oh bonus PS thing: “Crimson Bead Sequencer” Dohohohoho. What a silly name.

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