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Assignment 07

Assignment 7 due 10/24 — AeonX @ 2:10 pm

Flex sensor with 5 LEDs… here.       🙂



Arduino Project 2

Assignment 7 due 10/24 — SAMANTHA.OLESON @ 2:09 pm

Movie on 2011-10-24 at 10.06 #2

Assignment 7 sensor to 5 LEDs

Assignment 7 due 10/24 — JILLIAN.GOODWYN @ 2:03 pm

Movie on 2011-10-24 at 09.58

Assignment 7.

Assignment 7 due 10/24 — HENRY.ARMERO @ 1:42 pm

So I didn’t even look at the blog all weekend. How irresponsible! But yeah, decided to do the assignment in class rather than sit around and wait for the mailroom to open. You can be angry / not count this nonsense, that’s justified. Bonus, I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be doing these homeworks, anyway? Dear Eric: Am I supposed to be doing all the homeworks? Love Henry.


Homework 7

Assignment 7 due 10/24 — JOLYN.SANDFORD @ 8:36 pm

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Tadaaa still don’t know how to embed videos.

Assignment 7 due 10/24

Assignment 7 due 10/24 — EricSinger @ 12:38 am

– Looking Outwards: Find three examples of Arduino projects that impress you and write 100 words about each. (Hint: Check the Make Magazine blog.)
– Arduino: Make a “bar graph” display using 5 LEDs. Use one 2-pin sensor of your choice. Set it up as in class (remember, you will need a fixed resistor). Read it in via pin A0. Use 5 digital output pins to drive 5 separate LEDs. As you increase the sensor through its range (bend it, darken it, press it, etc. depending on which kind you use), have the LEDs come on one by one until all 5 are on at the max position.

So, using a bend sensor as an example:
– no bend means no LEDs on
– a little bend means 1st LED on
– a little more means 1st and 2nd LEDs on
– etc.
– max bend means all 5 LEDs on

Hint: You’ll be testing the sensor value that you read against different threshold values for each LED and turning them on accordingly. Another hint: you won’t need to use the map() function.

Put a video on the blog of your working circuit and email me your code (don’t post it).

A few notes:
– Please *email me your code*. Annoying to have to hunt people down for it.
– When you post your video to the blog, categorize it under “Assignment 7 due 10/24.” Put your Looking Outwards posts under “Looking Outwards”

Mini-assignment due Mon 10/17

Assignment 7 due 10/24 — EricSinger @ 1:53 am

By Monday, review the Arduino cartoon PDF. Do the exercises on pages 8-14. You don’t have to hand anything in for this, but you’ll be responsible for knowing and understanding this material.

I’ll be out on Monday, and Riley will be subbing. He will ask you to recreate these exercises in class and make sure you are able to do them without much difficulty.

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