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CMU Electronic Media Studio II, Fall 2011, Section D » Assignment 6 due 10/12

Assignment 6 due 10/12 — JOEL.SIMON @ 2:12 pm

EMS homework

Assignment 6 due 10/12 — HANK.EHRENFRIED @ 12:42 pm

Arduino 1

Assignment 6

Assignment 6 due 10/12 — NATHAN.TREVINO @ 12:35 pm

Movie on 2011-10-11 at 22.22

Assignment 06: First Arduino Circuit (outside of class)

Assignment 6 due 10/12 — AeonX @ 2:32 am

Fellow classmates, please help me figure out how to embed video to these posts. Pleeeeeeeease.

Until then, you may view the loveliness here on YouTube.






Assignment 6

Assignment 6 due 10/12 — JOLYN.SANDFORD @ 12:49 am

I dunno why but it won’t let me embed my video


HERE IS MY HOMEWORK you can hear some of my dormmates singing as they head off to dinner near the end haa

Arduino LED HW

Assignment 6 due 10/12 — JOEL.SIMON @ 10:45 pm

Here it is…

Arduino Assignment 1

Assignment 6 due 10/12 — HENRY.ARMERO @ 9:53 pm

Check it

you can’t really hear or see  a darn thing, but the potentiometer makes it fastlier and slowlier


Arduino Project 1

Assignment 6 due 10/12 — SAMANTHA.OLESON @ 2:59 am

Arduino Project 1  I’m sorry for the bad quality of the video.  At its former 51 MB it was a work of art but at wordpress’s 2MB limit it’s just not as impressive.  Also, I have no idea how to use wordpress so I apologize if my video does not work.





Assignment 6

Assignment 6 due 10/12 — JILLIAN.GOODWYN @ 12:17 am

I HOPE I did this right.

This assignment has taught me… that I really need to paint my nails soon. =P

Assignment 6 due 10/12

Assignment 6 due 10/12 — EricSinger @ 11:02 pm

1) Today’s code examples can be found here.

2) The wiki address is here.

Visit the links under

• Week 1: Setup
• Input and Output

Ignore the assignments under the these links. We’ll be doing our own.

Read the PDF at the bottom of “Week 1: Setup,” linked here. It reinforces what we’ve done so far.

3) Look for sensors as you walk around. This is for your own edification. You don’t have to write anything on it. It’s more to give you ideas and awareness.

4 – the real work) Hook up LEDs to three digital output of the Arduino. Sequence them so they blink 1-2-3-1-2-3 with a delay time. Exactly one LED should be on at each time i.e. the three steps (interleaved with delays) are

– LED 1 goes on, 2 and 3 go off
– LED 2 goes on, 1 and 3 go off
– LED 3 goes on, 1 and 2 go off
– repeat forever

Then: control the sequence speed (i.e. delay time) using the pot we hooked up in class today.

Hint: You will want to use map(…) to map the pot input value from its range of 0-1023 to a delay time range. Then, use that value in the delays interleaved with the statements that sequence the LEDs. (If it gets slower as you turn the pot to the right, swap the last two values of map.)

Post a video to the blog of your circuit working, and email me your code (don’t post it).

4) No Looking Outward yet.

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