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CMU Electronic Media Studio II, Fall 2011, Section D » Assignment 5 due 10/5

Assignment 5 due 10/5

Assignment 5 due 10/5 — EricSinger @ 12:27 pm

– Processing: Create an artistic, abstract representation of a clock (hours/mins/secs). Think about representations other than numbers (unless you use numbers in a really creative way). For examples, look on Golan’s blog and online. Comment your code extra-well so I know you understand the code your writing/using.
– Do Looking Outward. If you can find at least one clock example to comment on, great.

Looking Outward

Assignment 5 due 10/5,Looking Outwards — HENRY.ARMERO @ 5:24 am

Guy Marsden’s  Digital Numeric Relevators

Mr. Marsden has created a whole bunch of little electronic widgets (over a long period of time) that produce meaningless numbers in interesting ways. To me, they are the quintessential electronic scavenger artworks. Marsden would go to electronics supply stores and use whatever interesting display technologies he could find to produce his things. Having looked at a a catalog for such a store, I can tell you that it is a magical experience, peering through pages after pages of weird solenoids, buzzers, and 7-segment display displays. In fact, this has inspired me to go look again, and now that I know a bit more about electronics, maybe make something interesting. Like a big agglomeration of assorted electronic parts in some big nonsense machine. That’d be pretty awesome. I’ll keep you informed.


Weather Harp

This video is of an outdoor wind-played musical instrument found in Sugden Place, Melbourne. It is a really curious contraption, because it kind of sits in a back alley and in the wind plays this music that evokes such strange emotions! For example, I cannot listen to it without thinking of some kind of Myst-style weird-village exploration thing going on. Also, the motions it makes as it plays are pretty interesting and dramatic. One day I would quite like to make something like this. Something that sits and makes an aura for a location, without anyone needing to take care of it.


Music and Light

So this video is about an installation/performance where a saxophonist plays some lovely sounds while standing in front of a projector and a camera. Then some computer program takes his picture and does exciting things with it. The sound too. So at the beginning it shows him echoing away into infinity via a video feedback loop. Then there’s some crazy gallery visual that’s hard to visually parse because of the low quality video, but best of all is the imagery towards the end! The sounds of his beautiful sax lullabies are transformed into dots, lines, and rectangles via some function of their pitch, volume, and time. And it is a pretty darn good visualization of the sound. There are long drawn out lines when he holds a note and big flurries of shapes when there are lots of notes at once! In conclusion, his saxophonery could be a performance on its own, obviously. But this display takes it and makes it part of something else – something big and grand that should impress all who watch.


Assignment 5 due 10/3

Assignment 5 due 10/5 — EricSinger @ 5:22 pm

– Processing assignment TBA on Monday
– Looking Outward, preferably about examples of interactive animation and/or installations
– Finish reading GSWP

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