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For this project, I wanted to use twitter and arduino to settle arguments and provide evidence that I’m right. So using a homemade capacitive sensor, I rigged the the dish washing soap so that whenever someone used it, a tweet would be sent to twitter. By keeping track of the times that I wash the dishes, I can prove to my roommate that I do that chore more and am the better roommate.

Art On/Off; Twitter, Sarah Keeling

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For this project I wanted to create an unknown collaboration between many significant art Museums who are present on twitter and myself. To do this, I created a light-up “Art” sign which becomes illuminated when these institutions post a new status. I was interested in the conversation surrounding these institutions’ role in art and wanted to approach it with a kitsch aesthetic. I thought the piece touched on many factors such as the distance between the artist and institution and what value does/can an institution bring to an artwork. I was also interested in seeing the real-time stream of data from these museums as a way to observe the frequency of their activity through this means of communication.

Twitter Art Sign

See video documentation at:

Arduino Glucose Meter

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What my Arduino is programmed to do is take values from my twitter account which are actually Glucose values I’m submitting and telling me whether the value is Low, Normal, or High. There are LEDs attached to the breadboard that light up when the value is withing a certain range. If the values is less than 80; the yellow LED with shine, if it’s between 81 and 159, the RGB LED will light up green, and if it’s higher than 160, red  LEDs will light up.

Arduino thinks twitter is hot, no homo

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My Arduino project highlights the ridiculousness of the popular phrase “no homo”; a recognizable snippet of Beethoven’s ominous 5th symphony is played (via piezo buzzer) when the phrase is tweeted from anywhere in the world. A Processing application displays the most recent tweets.

Twitter Bedroom Monitor

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BEDROOM OBSERVED – Twitter Account


A twitter account which uploads an image of my bedroom to flickr any time anyone tweets the word ‘bedroom.’ The link to my flickr stream is then tweeted at the person who’s tweet (‘bedroom’) sparked the process. The picture is labeled with the name of the twitter user and content of the tweet.

I am interested in the way that media such as twitter shift notions of personal space and privacy. I am also interested in the idea of taking a word, which exists initially in an autonomous zone (the context of the original tweet), and shifting the context to force an interaction between the otherwise disparate elements (myself, other people tweeting the same word, etc).


First Twitter Account (Claiirreeeee)


Responses, before the accounts were suspended:

I did attempt to alleviate some of people’s concern by declaring my intentions. I was hoping, after the initial suspension, that this would give me a broader window of time and maybe allow my system to continue to function.
Sadly, the opposite was true. The Claiirreeeee account ran the program for 2.5 hours before suspension. BedroomObserved was banned in 15 minutes.

Twitter Ideas (Alan Herman)

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The first idea is to have a small sound recorder hidden under a coffee table in a coffee shop. Every fifteen minutes the sound recorder records fifteen seconds of sound and uploads it to twitter. The idea is that every hour or half an hour or fifteen minutes someone new is sitting at the table and having a random or meaningful conversation. With fifteen seconds recorded we can have a rough idea of what is going on and in a way get a snapshot into someone’s daily life.

Put a touch sensor in your hand for a day and every time you touch something it tweets. The idea is that you become aware of the interactions that you have everyday. And also of the times when those interactions occur. Maybe you can see patterns from everyday and understand more about yourself, maybe nothing significant actually happens and you don’t find anything interesting. I think its worth the experiment though.

More on the business side, something that could be interesting to make is an app that tweets every time a cash register opens. This way, the owner can keep better track of what is going on in his business. Maybe he can get useful information of unusual movement like the register opening at 3:00 AM or opening too much at a particular time.

Tweeting Ideas

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1. Tweet the physical states of my body, like my body temperature or the speed at which I am moving, at constant intervals

2. Carry around an arduino with ethernet shield, push button to tweet every time I see someone hot

3. Tweet every time I smile

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Send a message everytime bathroom door is open.

Hack glucose meter to send message with glucose reading everytime it is measured.

Send a message based on what side of the bed you are sleeping.

Max’s twitter tweeter

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1. placing sensors all over my apartment to tell me what my cat is doing while I’m gone.

2. sensors in my cat’s food bowl that says how much food there is

3. temperature sensors outside my window to tell me whether I need a coat

claire’s ideas

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Something that tweets my dogs thoughts based on certain brain outputs.


Tweeting my feelings (a predecided message) based on my own physical output (heartrate, brain activity, etc.)


Tweeting to people- (using @) based on certain key words which indicate sadness- cute animal pictures.

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