Twittering App: Intruder Alert

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As humans, we love ownership and when we get attached to things–in particular things that really collectively belong to everyone–we sometimes project imagined notions of ownership that can be completely illogical. For example, in my life, I am emotionally attached to a certain couch that faces the large windows in Hunt Library. This couch has served as a refuge after many all nighters, and I also love the view of the forest it provides. So whenever I go to the library with the intention of studying or sleeping there and I see someone other than myself in that couch, I become irrationally possessive and irritated. So I decided to install an arduino with a capacitive sensor in the middle of the cushion that tweets an alert to me whenever an intruder sits down. A servo sprinkler will simultaneously sprinkle them with water as long as they continue to sit there. The sprinkler should hopefully deter them from sitting too long on my couch, and once they get up, twitter will notify me that they’ve left and the sprinkler will stop. Twitter provides the time they sit down and the time they leave, so I’ll always know when my couch is available to sit on…hahahahaha

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