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Twitter is an interesting medium to me because it is a way of broadcasting individual news and like any news media it has the capacity to create and destroy reputations. I imagine that if an individual had developed a following they would grow cautious of what they posted to their account. For my arduino-twitter project I wanted  add a level of removal between user input and the content of the tweet. The objective being to transfer the power of reputation intrinsic to posting to twitter and transfer it to an object. My preference was for each individual to post a tweet thats content was defined by the position of a slider to their own individual active accounts. However, I found that this would of necessitated creating an app for each individual participating in the project. I decided instead, I would extend the idea of representation, that was already present in the notion of the positioning of the slider defining the content of the tweet, further by creating a twitter character from scratch through sensor input.  Since I was already exploring the idea of representation I thought I would take that further by exploring a political theme.The arduino interface I designed allowed the user to select the character they wanted to represent them, either “Mary Smith” or “James Smith”, then move a slider along a spectrum to the point which best represents their political views and then finally press a button to post this representation of themselves to twitter.


here is a picture of the interface I designed:

Here is a picture of Mary and James Smiths’ twitter acounts:






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