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THE CREATORS || Audio-reactive touch application from Subtiv on Vimeo.

The Creators, by students at the University of Sydney, have created a work in which viewer interaction is multidimensional. The idea that the viewer’s existence has both a direct and indirect relationship to the images on screen lends itself to a much greater notion of the impact a human has on the rest of the world. As stated, the amount of viewer interaction has a significant impact on the image, which means every individual has a completely unique experience with the piece.


Alison Mealy has created an incredibly interesting representation of information available over the internet. The image created is a real time (10 second delay) map of characters in an online role playing game of where the characters are in the world, and in relation to one another. The dialogue between the relationship between characters, and the relationship to the people controlling the characters is highly interesting to me. The map becomes a representation of real and imaginary space.


Alphabot, by Nikita Pashenkov, caught my interest because of its relation to the puppet project we completed. I myself could visualize what code I would need to make something like this. However, I can also appreciate the smoothness of the motion, and how the robot really becomes an organism, and not an assembly of parts. I think this piece is a good example of continuous movement, something a lot of the class struggled with, myself included, on the puppet assignment.


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